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A marketer is someone who has what it takes to convince and ensure. That a customer buys from his /her company either in bulk or in a retail quantity. Any marketer who want to achieve this, must have some tricks, secrete, game-plan, quality and many another factor responsible for his success in the marketing field/profession.  Marketing, in general, requires a great skill and tricks if one wishes to be successful. These tricks formed the strategic approach by a marketer towards his/her client. These tricks must be well perfected for it to be effective; a marketer must always put these tricks into action on a daily basis when dealing with clients.

This article will reveal the most five influential and effective tricks a marketer must apply if he must be successful in his work/job


This is one of the tricks used by a successful marketer to convince his customers to buy goods and services rendered by his company. A friendly marketer creates a good and friendly atmosphere for clients, and it also passes information about his company.

A friendly marketer creates a unique assurance to customers of the quality of the goods and services he speaks about or market. Once a marketer can bring in more customers, there is also an increased chance of getting an increased salary and his success rate increases.

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This is one trick that 90% of marketers are yet to discover and put into action, this approach is the act of manipulating a client through the use of emotions such as facial expressions, persuasive voice, and many others. Sometimes, customers felt for a marketer with this attitude.
And have no option than to give the company a trial. You must know that while applying this trick, you shouldn’t look too plain like a marketer who is not capable of doing his job but you must be able to add other professional quality just to convince the customer that you truly know your job and how to do it perfectly.


This might sound illegal but it’s part of the job, you can’t be successful if you don’t get new ideas how to make your customers, spying on other people business is a good way of getting a
The new idea most especially when you spy on companies that render the same service and product as your company. You should be careful while applying what you’ve learned; you must not.
apply it directly the way you see others doing but you must put in some quality which will distinguish yours from their should be able to do it more professionally.


This is the greatest trick used by a successful  marketer, customers want a place  where  there  is value for  their  money, and  once a marketer  can give them a 100% assurance  that his/her company render this, there are great chances that he/she has won the heart  of  the
customer. This trick  may sometimes not work for many marketers because  clients are not that easily to be convinced, so you must be ready to  give your  all and your  best, you can even  go a step further by letting them know that your company refund customers money in case there is a miss up or some irregularities this will give  them the assurance that you  speak nothing  but the truth  about  your products and services.


The last but not the least, this trick  makes a marketer successful because the more you contact a client, the more you increase the chances of them giving you a trial because you constantly create an awareness in their mind to test your products  All these tricks won’t work if you don’t apply them professionally. Therefore you must be professional enough to convince your clients with your tricks.

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