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What Are the Types of Key Customer Markets?

What Are the Types of Key Customer Markets?
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There are types of customer markets which are as follows:

  • Consumer Markets

Companies selling mass customers goods and services such as juices, cosmetics, athletic shoes and air travel spend a great deal of time establishing a strong brand image by developing a superior product and packaging, ensuring its availability and backing it with engaging communication and reliable service

  • Business Markets

Companies selling business goods and services often face well-informed professional buyers skilled at evaluating competitive offerings. Business buyers buy goods to make or resell a product to others at a profit. Business marketers must demonstrate how their products will help achieve higher revenue or lower costs. Advertising can play a role, but the sales force, the price and the company’s reputation may play a greater one.

  • Global Markets

Companies in the global marketplace must decide which countries to enter, how to enter, how to adapt product and service features to each country, how to price products in different countries and how to design communications for different cultures.

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