Not getting Hired in today’s era- Top 5 reasons

Top 5 reasons of not getting hired
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Not getting hired in today’s era- Top 5 reasons

Have you ever imagined why it’s so hard for you to get a paid job or hired, have ever thought of what is it that you’re doing wrong which serves as a source of hindrance to your chance of getting a paid job?
Many job seekers have blamed their lack job as a result of bad luck; some even go ahead to blame it on witchcraft(mostly in Africa) they never sit down to think of some factors that might be responsible for their misfortune. So rejected applicants wish to get the answer to their lack of a paid by thinking but they were unable to come out with a genuine reason for
their problems.

The world is currently filled with graduates or citizens that are without a paid job or getting hired; this trend is what the world needs presently, we thereby made a long and productive research on what is the main reason for many failed job proposal. We were able to get so many reasons, so we decide to share with job seekers the top 5 reasons why they are unable to be hired by any company which is:

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Resume or CV is a like a quiet representative of your personality, once CV appears to your employers without quality, you’re also indirectly appearing to them valueless. You should be able to make your CV looks responsible, filled with quality and it must be able to
Impress your employer once they go through it. As a result of uncompleted CV (a valueless CV), an applicant loses his/her chance of getting a paid job to someone who submitted a good,
quality and attractive CV.


They you appear speaks much about your confidence level, as you also dress, so will you address. When going for interview, you must look attractive enough, because looking attractive to an interview adds a little flavor to your CV, it also increases your chance of getting the


As much as lack of destroying, so also over confidence. Many applicants wish to show to his/her employer that they are capable for the post they applied for, they speak with so much confidence that later turned to be over confidence. Many, have a way to convince their interviewer, they start speaking out of content, and this made them lose the job that was almost theirs. As a job seeker, you must learn not to impress your interviewer, but you should rather try to be at your best at all time. You don’t need to be over confidence likewise not lacking confidence.


This is the major part where job seekers always miss everything. Many believed that the first thing to do during an interview is to ask questions on the salary they are going to receive; this action is too common with job seekers. For you to ask this question, it gives only one thing about you, and that is- you put self-interest ahead of the company’s interest. It also means that you seek for money and not for a job. This is the reason why the company hired someone who wants to work for passion and not for the money.


Some people feel two (2) weeks is too much to wait, so they give up hope on the application they’ve submitted. All this can be solved if an applicant exercises some patience and professionalism while waiting or expecting a call from a company for confirmation of application.

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