Top 5 non-communications skills required in a business
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Non-communication skills is one of the ways which show to customers that an entrepreneur truly knows what he /she is doing in the business industry. These skills look worthless and valueless, but reverse is the case because a company without them is like a farmer without a cutlass.
And other basic farming materials. Many entrepreneurs believe as far as they posses other qualities, they are good to go, they never know that these skills are the foundation of any business and once the foundation is bad, the whole business is nothing but a failure right from the start of the business. Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs have little or knowledge of what these skills are, they are the skills they do but never know that it must be applied to business if they are to grow and be successful. This article is for an entrepreneur who falls under this category. We are going to talk extensively on the top five (5) noncommunication skills in business.


This is very important to the growth of business; this is the part of the business that deals with the appearance of the business, how organized does the business appear to be.Appearance gives so much true information about a company; it also plays a great role in convincing a
customer. This part also includes signs and expression a business is making to its customers even to the public at large, body gesture is more like a driver, driving a company close to the public or driving away from public base on its perfection.



This part has to do with an entrepreneur’s attitude towards customers. This part also includes the way an entrepreneur attend to his customers, the way he welcomes his customers, the manner in which he approaches a client. Once an entrepreneur us able to give a warm welcome a guest (customer) he is creating a sense of belonging into the heart of the guest, he is also telling the guest that he is a man of respect that values customer’s patronage


This is another way of communicating to the public without uttering a word; this is the use of pictures, graph and other pictorial tools to convey information to the public.  As we know that the society consists the healthy and some disables. Some may not be able to read, some may be deaf, and you need to carry them along; the only way to carry them along with what you sell or produce is through the use of visual aids. You must create a picture or diagram that contains all you produced, show it unto them, they will have (if not full percent) 75% knowledge of the service you’re rendering to them. Even to those that are capable of Reading and can hear, there is still need to show unto them the goods and service you render through a visual medium.


This is another way of communicating with the public this include shaking hands with the customers and also making him feel at home be able to give him the maximum comfort so that he will be a regular customer.


The last but not the least, this skill makes you show total concentration to what a customer and other public say to you. Once you show the skill of attentiveness to a customer, you’re creating a right picture of your company in the mind of a customer. You should also be ready listen to all that a customer tells you to improve the standard of your company and business.

Many things that an entrepreneur overlooked as minor issues are always responsible for the premature collapse of the business. You must take everything about business very serious because that’s the only way to success.

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