Top 5 businesses in the world
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Business in the world has been one of the breakthroughs we have experienced many people sat down and saw the need of people tried it, and it worked perfectly for them while many have tried and have failed while trying and they have given up. This is an opportunity that many have used to climb the ladder of success today we know of many people in business that has offered a lot to our generation and that before us that have made landmark by solving the problems of many through one business idea or the other. Top 5 businesses are discussed in this article.

Many businessmen that we know such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc. has impacted lives because they succeeded in the line of business they made impact in that line they were not known serving others but they were known by making a legacy that many has known which people cannot do without and many people also want to be like them trying in one business or the other. Many businesses need a lot of capital to start while others don’t need much capital to start, so people have tried even small and scaled through while others who have tried have failed in it.  Here are some businesses in the world that many have invested in and have brought them into the limelight.

Real Estate

This is a lucrative business now that even many young people have ventured into and they have succeeded greatly, and they are widely known today for investing into. Real estate is a physical property that involves land which has a building in inside; people now invested so much into lands and property.


This is a business that many has started small, and now they are billionaires investing in the business it can involve the production of both eatable and useful materials needed in the home, office, etc. People saw that there is a need to produce or manufacture cement and people are using that in the building of their houses or other things.


people can’t do without doing using the internet this day to either check their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account or even check emails and this is what many people have thought about, and they come up with this ideas that many people use and much more have been coming up with more ideas. Mark Zuckerberg should have thought about what could connect people together, and he came up with Facebook and now has billions of users. This needs brought solutions, and now many young entrepreneurs are doing the same.

Oil and Gas

One major thing is that we cannot do without oil and gas; it’s needed both at home, cars, offices, etc. Many billionaires invested into oil and gas and had made their landmarks from it though it’s a risky business, it’s a lucrative business to venture into.


Top business that is needed to satisfy the need of people periodically, the world cannot do without agriculture and low capital intensive.

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