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Top 5 Best Ways To Win Over Your Boss

Top 5 ways to impress your boss
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In our last post, we talked about”Best Ways to Solve All Your Problems“. In this post, we will talk about “Ways To Win Over Your Boss”.

This has been a major thing that every employee has been trying to do which many has achieved while some are seriously battling with or even many who are going through one skill or the other has also been trying to achieve. Many say that their boss is hard or difficult to please always remember that there will be something you need to do that has not been done to make your boss feel pleased with you or make your boss vouch for you anywhere so for every boss they also have what they expect you to do per time to win their favors. Here are some tips that would help you impress your boss;

Attitude to work

The first approach matters a quote says “The first impression lasts long, ” and many people have failed to realize this and so the first day they get to work or meet the boss they have given an impression that has signaled a lot to their boss once the boss has seen this attitude it also changes the attitude of the boss towards you. Attitude towards the jobs also matters when given a job even when you don’t have the slightest idea try to do something by then you will be put through how others should be done. Have the right attitude, and you will have your boss impressed.


Many people are late-comers even when they are asked to come to work by 11 am they will still get to work late, and this makes your employers pissed. For everyone who has tried to come early enough but it seems you always late then time your wristwatch 30 minutes late for example when you are to be at work by 7 am your wristwatch should be 7:30 already by that you will be punctual and also your mind will be trained to get to work or any events on time.


Diligence is a major attribute or virtue that every employee should possess and this can help to impress your boss very well. This has worked and can still work with you; everyone wants his work done effectively and timely so to impress your boss at work you have to be diligent with work.

Be a good listener than a good talker

Good listeners are better to get and keep information than one who talks a lot. Many employers are impressed with people who listen to them carefully and act according to what they have asked them to do.

I can do it spirit

No one wants to hire a lazy worker or someone who he is limited in his/her ideas, or they have a poor mindset of how things can be done. Every employer wants someone who can think outside the box. To impress your boss, you need to have “I can do it spirit.”

These tips when you put to work will help you impress and work effectively at your various places of work.

In our next post, we will talk about ” how to value a company with negative equity”.

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